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The Effibioz patent :
a technology beyond labels?

The Effibioz patent was born from the awareness of Dr. Stephan Auberger of the need to create cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene products of plant origin while guaranteeing their effectiveness. Today, most chemical-synthetic household products are without question destroyers of nature and life. But what about us, humans? If these products are harmful to the environment, how can they be good or even neutral for our health?

Only the Effibioz patent is a guarantee of zero harm to health and the environment.

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The Effibioz patent,
is 0% of residue
chemical-synthetic residue

= 0% harmful effect on the health of women, men, children and animals

= 0% impact on the environment and the planet

The Effibioz patent,
a unique technology

100% vegetable and mineral origin
on the entire formula

100% biodegradable
in CO2 and H2O over the entire formula

No toxic residues
for humans and the environment

No risk symbol

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The Effibioz patent, a growing awareness.

From the person in charge of household purchases to the person in charge of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and including all those who are aware of the importance of protecting themselves from chemical aggression,
the Effibioz patent is a guarantee of environmental commitment and public health.

More and more companies are choosing a positive and sustainable social responsibility policy. It is for them that Effibioz was created, to meet their expectations in terms of protecting people and nature.

Choosing the Effibioz patent for a company is to offer the opportunity to do good and to propose a real alternative to polluting and harmful oil products.

For families, it is a daily commitment to the health of all and especially of each, the certainty of not using harmful products.

Logo Effibioz

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