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Effibioz is a patent that required the mobilization of Dr. Stephan Auberger and his research teams for 20 years. Lactic acid is a 100% agro-sourced and 100% biodegradable substance with broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria and various viruses. In the patented Effibioz formula, weak acids in their non-protonated form can diffuse into the cell, dissociating and releasing protons to lead to the acidification of the cytoplasm and the alteration of the metabolic functions vital to the cell, resulting in the death of bacteria and viruses.

Fonctionnement de la formule Effibioz
Effibioz, Q.E.D !
Indeed, the difference in pH potential by sudden and severe acidification generated by the formula Effibioz leads to an acid shock coupled with oxidative stress, while all survival mechanisms are suppressed by the low intracellular pH.

This action allows formulas Effibioz to be effective against all bacteria and other microbes, thanks to the patented combination of natural bio-boosters of lactic acid plant. This dual effect, close to osmotic principles and intracellular diffusion, provides a broad spectrum activity without the possibility of adaptation or resistance for the cell, unlike the singular mechanisms of synthetic antimicrobials.

Process of inactivation of bacteria by the hand disinfectant foam.

1. Cellular reaction process of the bacteria in an acidic environment, the undissociated force crosses the membrane.
2. Dissociation: acid stress disrupts cell regulation at a general level.
3. Bacteria expend a lot of energy: To maintain pH by pumping acid (ATP-ase Pump). To modify their metabolism and produce alkaline metabolites, acid stress generates free radicals (Electron Transfer Chain)
4. Oxidative stress further damages all cellular mechanisms.
5. Inactivation and death of the bacteria.

Effibioz Docteur Stephan Auberger
PhD Stephan Auberger
Photography: Arthur Janin